Why did I want my own practice?

When my children were young I worked as a locum optometrist, visiting lots of different practices.

I liked the way some practices did some things and how others did others – and I definitely didn’t like how things were done in some places. I had always had an inkling for having my own place and these experiences made me certain that I wanted to do things my way.

The opportunity came in 1997 and I seized the chance to buy Lindsay and Johnson (Thomson as it was then) and I have loved being here ever since.

The best thing about Lindsay and Johnson is that I have such great and supportive patients and staff, but one of the things I like most is not being restricted in what I can offer – I can use the frames, lenses and contact lenses that I feel best suited to the individual and not what is foisted on me by Head Office.

So thank-you everyone for helping make my dream come true.

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