The eye examination

I LOVE my job – there is something rather joyful in helping people make the best of their vision.

If you are anxious about having your eyes examined, let me put your fears at ease. I explain each step of the examination as we go along, and at the end tell you of my findings, and then we can discuss the various options together and we can come to a decision as to what solution will suit you best. If glasses are needed (and we never give you glasses if they’re not required) we have a great selection of frames and lenses, which we can help you choose.the ideal eyewear for your needs.

Ring 01382 224620 to book an appointment, or if you have any questions or want any points clarified – we look forward to seeing you.

Claire’s new eyewear

We love the way Claire looks in her new glasses.

We also love helping people choose their eyewear. We spend a lot of time choosing great frames for you to try, always looking for something a little different, and then we use our expertise to help you choose the perfect eyewear for you and your lifestyle, taking all the strain from the process.

Ring 01382 224620 to book an appointment and let us help you see and be seen beautifully.

Alice’s new glasses

We love the way Alice looks in her new glasses; they really suit her.

Sometimes we see people wearing stunning new glasses – but all you see is the glasses. They are making a statement “look at me”, but they are “wearing” the person, not the person wearing them, and they actually look dreadful. We are very careful to help you choose glasses that compliment you and never shriek, “look at me”, only to completely ruin how you look.

For a great experience choosing your new frames with the promise that your glasses will really suit you, ring 01382 224620 and let our friendly and expert team take all the strain out of you finding the perfect eyewear for you..

Our children’s corner

We were impressed by the creation one of our young patients whilst a family member had an eye examination. We have a dedicated children’s corner to amuse our young patients whilst they wait, and regulr visitors make straight for it.

Book an appointment for your children during the summer holidays, and you can be sure that when they return to school they will be seeing really well.