Ten Tops for Healthy Eyes (part two)

6. Follow the 20:20:20 rule. For comfortable eyes when doing any close work, including using digital devises, look up from your work at least every 20 minutes, for at least 20 seconds, looking 20 feet away if you can. This rule leads on to…

7. Keep blinking. When we concentrate our blink rate can drop to a quarter of its normal rate and this can lead to dry eyes. Regularly through the day (think of trigger points so you don’t forget) give ten really good blinks; if you improve your conscious blinking your subconscious blinking will also improve and you will make the most of your tears. This is particularly important when the tear quality isn’t so good as we get older.

8. Avoid being obese. Obesity is a risk factor for a number of eye diseases, we think because it affects the blood supply to the eye, amongst other causes. Losing weight isn’t easy, but there is a lot of help out there if you need it, and maintaining a sensible weight will be good for your eyes. Remember exercise out of doors is good for losing weight and for your eyehealth too.

9. Wear your glasses if you need them. Not wearing your glasses won’t make your eyes better; you just won’t be able to see as well as you could and your eyes may get tired and uncomfortable and you may experience headache. It is particularly important that children wear their glasses as their eyes and eyesight are still developing.

10. Eat well. Research has shown that eating a wide range of coloured foods, like egg yolks, cooked tomatoes, blueberries and other coloured berries, peppers, salad leaves, sweetcorn, broccoli, spinach, carrots and kale is beneficial to eyehealth, so try to eat as wide a variety as you can.

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