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Are you fed up with trailing round from optician to optician trying on frames that all seem very similar?

Have you had disappointing experiences with previous opticians? Do you hate shopping for glasses and feel in need of some expert advice? Would you like to be able to try on frames in a private setting with expert advice and guidance?

If so you are in the right place for a new, enjoyable experience- welcome to Lindsay and Johnson.

Here at Lindsay and Johnson our clients have a unique experience which is really positive.

We work with you to bring to life the unique vision you have for your eyewear. You will meet a person who is sincere in helping you find your ideal frame and who is knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about our collections. Glasses become a pleasure to wear and a talking point, not a source of difficulty.

We are passionate about eyewear.

We carefully choose the representatives of the frame companies that we invite to show us their collections, and then we enjoy choosing which frames to buy for our clients to see.

We consider quality, style, comfort, and the “wow” factor. We are constantly refreshing our collections and searching for new and exciting models.

Stunning Eyewear So You Look Great

Most of the High Street chains choose collections, all made by one or two big manufacturers, with celebrities lending their name to the brands, whereas we tend to choose more individual designs where great thought has gone into all the aspects of the frame.

The companies we work with offer us excellent service and make their frames with care and commitment.

Experienced Eyewear Specialists

When you have an eyewear consultation, or you decide to choose frames after your eye examination, we have a lovely, light-filled private dispensing room for you to choose in.

In most High Street opticians, you have to choose in front of people waiting to be seen and are often left in front of a bewildering array of frames to try on yourself.

At Lindsay and Johnson, our experienced dispensers are always at hand to guide you through the maze to help you find the perfect frame or frames for your individual preferences, style, and needs.

  • We find the perfect frame or frames for you
  • We work closely with our carefully-chosen lens laboratories so that your finished glasses are perfect.
  • We stock a wide range of frames for children and young people.
  • We carry a range of frames on our domiciliary visits so that you are able to choose a frame you love.

We Don't Settle for Less

My colleagues seem to have developed a sixth sense so that often our clients go back to the first frame that our dispenser has suggested; `I think we develop an innate and subconscious knowledge of what will suit the individual. We love helping people choose and we have the time and take the trouble to find the perfect frame or frames for you.

All the time you are trying on frames we keep in mind the technical aspect of the lenses you need and when a suitable frame is chosen then we discuss the lens options to correct your visual needs in the best way for you. We have the technical expertise and work closely with our excellent and carefully-chosen lens laboratories to make sure that your finished glasses are perfect for you.

When the glasses are made up for you and we have checked them we book a collection appointment for you to have them fitted. `We make sure that they fit well and are comfortable, and if with the warmth of your face the frames settle a little over time and you need further adjustment you are very welcome to return.

We also stock a wide range of frames for children and young people. It is extremely important that children’s frames are measured and fitted expertly and our wide experience allows us to make sure that your children are comfortable and happy in their frames. The children’s frames are bright and fun and children love choosing their own frames.

We carry a small, but carefully chosen, range of frames on our domiciliary visits so that you are able to choose a frame you love and that fits well, in the comfort of your own home. People whose health is poor often rely on their vision to a great extent and it is important to be able to see well and with comfort- and still with style. We have never yet been defeated by someone not finding a frame he or she likes in a home setting.

Sometimes wee accidents occur with glasses and we are able to make small repairs ourselves in our own small laboratory either while you wait, or if it’s a more complicated repair whilst you have a pleasant wander around the shops. If the repair is more difficult we send it to one of our skilled laboratories and often they are able to help.