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I LOVE my work. When people are thrilled with their new glasses and can see clearly I feel a great sense of satisfaction. I feel mine is almost a miraculous profession; with a small piece of plastic held in front of or in the eye I can enable people to see, a sense we all too easily take for granted. Obviously I trained long and hard to achieve my qualifications and I still study and strive for excellence in all I do, but I think what I most enjoy is meeting people- welcoming new clients to the practice or seeing long-established patients who have become friends.

I particularly enjoy seeing children. We routinely start seeing them young, at 18 months or so. As they gain confidence and get used to us over the years we can be sure that by the time they start school they can see well, whether they need glasses to achieve that or not. We have a dedicated toy-area and returning children immediately make a bee-line for it.; mum and dad may get five minutes’ peace with our up-to-date selection of newspapers and magazines.

I also enjoy my domiciliary days when I visit people in their own homes. I’m always made very welcome and it is great to know I can still help people, even when they can’t get to us.

I feel very fortunate to have a profession I enjoy so much and which can do so much good.

After the Prime Minister's statement last night we are now closed. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

We did try to sort out contact lenses for patients, but I am afraid the companies, probably for logistic reasons of their own, haven't been able to help us. We will be following official guidance very carefully and hope to be back to normal very soon.

We thank you all for your patience and support.

I am sorry to say that we are having to temporarily close the practice at the end of the week. This was a decision I haven't taken lightly and I thank all my patients for their continued support. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


The official advice is that it is perfectly safe to continue wearing contact lenses (unless you have flu-like symptoms, in which case you should wait for one clear day after symptoms, to resume wear). The most important thing is to wash your hands very thoroughly with soap and water before handling the lenses.

In these difficult times I wanted to reassure you that, as always, our patients' and staff's health and safety is my number one priority. As a small business owner I am also asking for your help and support. We have introduced special measures to protect my patients and staff-

-spacing patients out to allow cleaning and sanitizing all equipment and surfaces between patients

-an extended cleaning and sanatizing routine

-cleaning each frame before a client tries it on during dispensing

-washing hands thoroughly before and after seeing each patient

-with our buzzer system controlling the entry of people to the practice, only allowing in those who are fit and well

Along with our private dispensing room and our spacious waiting area, these measures mean you can visit us with confidence.

Please do not delay your appointment without good reason; this allows us to take care of your eyesight and makes sure that we are still here when you need us. As we are part of a healthcare profession the official advice we have been given is that with the care we are taking we do not count as discouraged social contact.

Please continue to support us.



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Our aim is to enable you to see as well as you can, in as comfortable and as stylish a way as possible. We believe you deserve frames that compliment your features.

Premium Lenses

We use premium lenses, working closely with our carefully-chosen optical laboratories to get the best-possible technical solution to your visual needs.

Experienced Staff

Our friendly and experienced staff will help to guide you to the perfect frame and lens combination for your eyes.

Personal Touch

We believe that there are still people who appreciate coming to a practice where the staff knows you by name, are always pleased to see you and have the time to get to know you properly in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.

We've Been Around

We’re a long-established (since 1901) practice and love the fact that we look after the eyesight of three generations of many families, and even four generations of a couple. Our values and commitment allow us to offer a comprehensive service to all ages.