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New Year- new you…

I hope that you’ve all had a great Christmas. Now that the turn of the year has arrived and we’re all thinking of resolutions, an easy one to make is to take good care of your eyes. The first step in this is to have an eye examination- so call 01382 224620 to book an appointment and start the New Year by looking after your precious eyesight.

Patients with autism

At Lindsay and Johnson Opticians we have a number of patients with autism, so I (Alison, the optician) decided to do a course to help me understand more about the condition. I have almost finished it and have found it very interesting; I have learned a lot about the autism spectrum and hope the insights gained will allow me to offer an enhanced service to our patients. People with autism are much more likely than others to need glasses and what I have learned will help me provide more expert help. Please contact us for more information.

National Eye Health Week

19-25th September is designated National Eye Health Week, when opticians throughout the UK actively promote eye health. As you know, eye health is something we are passionate about at Lindsay and Johnson, and which we promote to all our patients. For the week we have free magazines and recipe booklets to give out; please call in for your copy (stocks are limited, but we will always be happy to provide you with any information or advice you want).

Choosing Frames With Style

It may be difficult to choose a frame to suit you- it’s an important decision and the results will be with you and anyone who looks at you for some time to come. We have a great range of frames, from sophisticated and stylish to fun and funky, and very friendly, experienced staff to advise you on what suits. Ring 01382 224620 for an appointment or use our “Request Info” button for any questions you might have.