Joseph’s new glasses

We think Joseph looks great (and a little cheeky!) in his new glasses. We are open over the Christmas holidays so bring your children in to have their eyes examined. We make the examinations fun and afterwards you can be sure that either your children don’t need glasses. or if they do they will be wearing frames that suit them and are comfortable. Children may not realise that there is anything wrong with their eyes and if there is it can hold them back educationally and socially. You want the very best for your children so make sure they can see well.

We also have a dedicated children’s play area so our young patients love coming. Ring 01382 224620 to book an appointment.


Children often don’t realise that they may have a problem with their eyes- the assume everyone else sees the same- and especially if the problem is only in one eye (which can have huge repercussions in later life) the parents may not realise there is a problem either. The safest thing is to book an eye examination (free for everyone in Scotland through the NHS). Ring 01382 224620 for an appointment for your children. We make the eye examination fun and have a dedicated children’s area which our regular young patients make straight for.


Friday’s topic for National Eye Health Week is digital eyestrain. Using digital media can cause great strain on our eyes, causing discomfort, dry eyes and headaches. Make sure that you can easily see your digital media, using glasses particularly for that distance if required. Then remember the 20:20:20 rule- every 2o minutes look away fro your screen for 20 seconds, 20 feet away if you can. And remember to blink- we sometimes forget when we’re concentrating. Ring 021382 224620 to book an appointment if you’re suffering from eyestrain or dry eyes.


Diabetic retinopathy (pictured- the red spots are haemorrhages) is one of the largest causes of blindness in Scotland. if you are diabetic it is very important to try and keep your weight down and your blood sugar level low, to try to prevent this happening. Regular appointments for digital retinal photography and eye examinations will allow diabetic retinopathy to be detected in the early stages when treatment is possible. Ring 01382 224620 for further information.