Gorgeous weather

I can’t believe what beautiful weather we have been enjoying in March. With the sun the optometrist’s thoughts turn to prescription sunglasses, because they can bring such benefits of comfort and clarity of vision. We have a great range of frames in our prescription sunglasses offer here at Lindsay and Johnson: ring 01382 224620 to book an appointment and let us help make your summer really great.

Cataract surgery

I have been asked what happens during cataract surgery. Immediately behind the pupil in our eye is a living lens. which is clear when we are born and becomes cloudy a we age. At a certain level of cloudiness it is called a cataract and a denser level of cloudiness it needs to be removed. Under local anaesthetic the surgeon makes a very small cut in the eye, removes the old lens and replaces it with a new,clear plastic one. Typically after about six weeks you would return to your optometrist to check everything has settled down well and to get new glasses.

It’a a modern miracle!

Domiciliary visits

Do you know that we offer home visits for people who are unable to visit the practice for health reasons? We currently have one space left for our domiciliary day on Tuesday 22nd of February, for people in the Dundee and surrounding area. If you or a family member would like to book this spot, or join our waiting list, please ring us on 01382 224620.

New frames from EyeStuff

We are delighted with our new funky frames from EyeStuff. EyeStuff have been making frames since 2000 with a passion to keep things simple, with minimalist design and a focus on fashion and fun. The eyewear has fashion at its core and includes multi-layer acetates, experimental finishes and urban detailing. The range is bursting with bold, colourful and dynamic frames. Ring 01382 224620 for an appointment to view and let our friendly and expert team help you choose your new eyewear for 2022.