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Coronavirus update

Whilst our premises are closed, the business of Lindsay and Johnson is still very much alive. Follow our Facebook and Google my Business pages and the website for our latest articles/news. If you have a query leave a message on 01382 224620 or submit an email and we will reply as soon as possible. You can also join my Facebook group “Ask a Dundee Optician”. For emergency eyecare contact Ian Jarvis Opticians on 01382 462236.

Meantime keep safe and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


After the Prime Minister’s statement last night we are now closed. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

We did try to sort out contact lenses for patients, but I am afraid the companies, probably for logistic reasons of their own, haven’t been able to help us. We will be following official guidance very carefully and hope to be back to normal very soon.

We thank you all for your patience and support.

Corona Virus

I am sorry to say that we are having to temporarily close the practice at the end of the week. This was a decision I haven’t taken lightly and I thank all my patients for their continued support. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


The official advice is that it is perfectly safe to continue wearing contact lenses (unless you have flu-like symptoms, in which case you should wait for one clear day after symptoms, to resume wear). The most important thing is to wash your hands very thoroughly with soap and water before handling the lenses.

The current situation…

In these difficult times I wanted to reassure you that, as always, our patients’ and staff’s health and safety is my number one priority. As a small business owner I am also asking for your help and support. We have introduced special measures to protect my patients and staff-

-spacing patients out to allow cleaning and sanitizing all equipment and surfaces between patients

-an extended cleaning and sanatizing routine

-cleaning each frame before a client tries it on during dispensing

-washing hands thoroughly before and after seeing each patient

-with our buzzer system controlling the entry of people to the practice, only allowing in those who are fit and well

Along with our private dispensing room and our spacious waiting area, these measures mean you can visit us with confidence.

Please do not delay your appointment without good reason; this allows us to take care of your eyesight and makes sure that we are still here when you need us. As we are part of a healthcare profession the official advice we have been given is that with the care we are taking we do not count as discouraged social contact.

Please continue to support us.

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day. Children don’t always realise that their vision is not as good as that of their friends and they assume that they’re just not very good at reading. You want the very best for your children so ring 01382 224620 and book an appointment for an eye examination. We have a dedicated children’s corner (with books as well as toys) and we make the eye examinations fun.