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New frames from Dune

We spend a lot of time – very enjoyably – sourcing new frames and we have jut started stocking this lovely range from Dune. The frames are very bright, modern and stylish. Ring 01382 224620 and book an appointment and let our friendly, expert team help you choose the ideal eyewear for you.

Myopia-control contact lenses for children

I am delighted to have started fitting myopia-control contact lenses. I have been very interested in the progression of myopia (short-sight) after a very dear friend lost her central vision at a young age due to myopic maculopathy. Having myopia increases the risk of developing certain eye conditions and the risk increases as the amount of short-sight increases.

Research shows that these new contact lenses slow the development of myopia. I have undergone the accreditation process and am now able to fit the lenses. The research showed that the children fitted with the lenses handled and tolerated them well.

These lenses really offer hope for the future for short-sighted children. Ring 01382 224620 to book an initial consultation and we can discuss whether these lenses would be suitable for your child.

Myopia-control contact lenses

We are delighted to announce that we have started fitting new myopia-control contact lenses, designed especially for children. Increasing levels of myopia (short-sightedness) are linked with increasing risk of retinal detachment and myopic maculopathy. I have undertaken the accreditation process and am very pleased that there is now something to offer our young myopic patients. Of course we cannot make promises for any individual child, but the controlled trials were very encouraging. The children have been followed now for five years and the rate of increase in myopia is very much reduced, the children followed got on very well the lenses and there were no cases of infection.

If you would like to explore this exciting new opportunity for your children, in the first instance, ring 01382 224620, to book an appointment so we can discuss the possibilities.

Eco frames

We are delighted with these new eco frames from Eyespace. Designed in Britain, the range is ground -breaking featuring only sustainable eyewear, developed in an exclusive bio-based acetate. The frames are stunning and the packaging is all recyclable. On top of this Eyespace is partnering with various conservation projects.

Ring 01382 224620 for an appointment to view.

Guide dogs

We are very glad to support the Guide Dogs charity. We have collecting boxes in the practice and our patients are very generous. We also help sponsor a puppy and having seen Buddy and Bailey safely through their training we are now sponsoring the very cute Kevin.

Gorgeous weather

I can’t believe what beautiful weather we have been enjoying in March. With the sun the optometrist’s thoughts turn to prescription sunglasses, because they can bring such benefits of comfort and clarity of vision. We have a great range of frames in our prescription sunglasses offer here at Lindsay and Johnson: ring 01382 224620 to book an appointment and let us help make your summer really great.