Healthy eyes

There is so much you can do to keep your eyes healthy; have your eyes examined regularly (ring 01382 224620 to book an appointment with us); don’t smoke; give up smoking if you do smoke; eat healthily with lots of coloured foods; exercise regularly; get out into the fresh air; keep a sensible weight; don’t stare at a screen too long. For further advice  contact us on 01382 224620- we will welcome your call.

Protection against UV light

Diana models her new prescription sunglasses which as well as giving her protection against the sun (and Dundee is one of the sunniest places in Britain- yes, really) protect her against UV light. UV light is linked with the development of cataracts and macular degeneration (AMD), the largest cause of blindness in the UK. You can protect your eyes against UV light by wearing sunhats and scarfs, and by having UV protection in the form of good quality sunglasses, either prescription or ordinary, or by UV protection incorporated into your lenses, which is automatically done with most high index (thinner) lenses or in the form of an anti-reflection coating combined with UV protection. Ask your optician for details, or we are delighted to help- ring 01382 224620 to book a consultation.

Tired eyes?

Do you eyes feel tired? The modern world makes so many demands on our vision it’s not surprising that our eyes get tired. What can we do about it?Firstly, make sure that your glasses are up-to-date; you could be straining your eyes if you need a change in prescription. Secondly make sure the light you’re working under is more than adequate for your task. Next, take regular breaks from close work, looking up from it for a few seconds, gazing into the distance and blinking. Finally, eat well- and get enough sleep!!

Live- multifocal contact lenses allow clear, comfortable vision at any distance. I LOVE mine. We have the time and patience to take the trouble to find the lenses that are perfect us for you. Call us on 01382 224620 for your FREE trial.

Fresh looks

Spring into spring with these elegant, on-trend glasses from our new Episode range. We have the time, knowledge and experience to help you to choose  a frame that really suits you- and having a stylish, comfortable frame makes a huge difference in how you look and feel. Book a styling appointment with our friendly team on 01382 224620.

Do your eyes feel dry?

Eyes may feel dry for many reasons; the atmosphere you work in, tear quality not being so good, poor blinking, being tired.

When we concentrate on something our blink-rate can drop to a quarter of its normal rate and the eye dries out; this is particularly common when using computers.  Consciously practice giving good blinks, several times a day, and your subconscious blinking should also improve.

Sometimes the glands providing components of the tears may not be working well and wipes and/or hot massage may help. Your optician will be able to advise you (we are very happy to see you if you need further advice on this).

Try and add some moisture to your work environment if this is a problem; could you have a vase of flowers near you, or even a glass of water?

Try and get plenty of rest and eat well- oily fish like salmon and mackeral, and egg yokes are good for dry eyes.

Remember to consult your optician (and we are very happy to help- call us on 01382 224620).