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We are Opticians based in Dundee who have looked after thousands of pairs of eyes (since 1902!) - let us take care of yours:-

Let Lindsay and Johnson Opticians and Contact Lens Centre take care of your precious vision. We are located in Dundee, handy for Fife and Angus too, and offer a range of first class services including eye tests, supplying contact lenses, glasses repair and more. If you find the task of choosing your eyewear daunting, let us guide you through the maze. We make the process fun, relaxing and enjoyable, with our experts able to help you choose the style, colour and fit which is just perfect for you.

How Precious Is Your Eyesight?

When I was training to be an optician an elderly patient told me he was a millionaire. I knew he wasn't and questioned him. He replied:

"Well, if you offered me a million pounds for my eyesight I wouldn't take it, therefore I have something worth a million pounds, therefore I'm a millionaire."

I never forgot this and each day I try and look after my patients' vision to the best of my ability. I set up an opticians practice to provide high quality eye tests and a range of other services to children, adults and the elderly throughout Dundee and Fife.

I LOVE my job. When someone tries on their new glasses and says something like "That's wonderful," I feel immense satisfaction, and pride in my team. We have a limited number of daily appointments so always have the time to give you a thorough eye test and answer any questions you might have. Then, if you need glasses, our specially trained dispensing team is able to guide you through our extensive and carefully sourced and chosen frame collection, to find the perfect frame for you. We also advise you on the best lenses to suit your lifestyle needs. Also we love seeing children at Lindsay and Johnson  Opticians, and we make sure that children's eye tests are fun and enjoyable for the child. We are very experienced in conducting children's eye tests, so you can safely trust your children's visual needs with us. If they need glasses we carry a great range of children's frames.

The services that we offer at Lindsay & Johnson Opticians and Contact Lens Practice include:

  • Eye tests & examinations (emergency appointments also catered for)
  • Frame styling advice
  • Contact lenses
  • Advice on eye health
  • Glaucoma testing
  • Wide range of frames including designer
  • Thin lenses
  • Repair service

So if you are in Dundee, Fife or nearby, and looking for an experienced, trusted optician, then book an appointment today at Lindsay and Johnson where we excel at eye health, providing children's & adults' eye tests, frame styling advice and more.

Lorna, Alison and Vikki.
From left to right: Lorna, Alison and Vikki.