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I enjoy wearing eye make-up myself, and I wear contact lenses most of the time, but I am careful in how I apply it. My advice is to throw out any make-up that is caked or in grubby pots and especially with mascara, throw it out after six months or so. If you do get make-up in your eye, don't panic- the eye has very good protective mechanisms and your tears will wash the make-up away- help it with cooled boiled water if necessary. Remove make-up gently with eye make-up remover and make all movements around your eyes gentle- the skin is quite delicate. Particularly, always wipe from the outside-in when you wipe your eyes, to make sure you're not dragging the puncta, the tiny holes in the lids that tears drain through, away from the eyes. If you feel that make-up has caused any damage, do not hesitate to visit your optician.