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What happens during an eye examination varies from patient to patient- and from optician to optician- but the basics are similar. We talk to the patient/client to find out the reason for the visit- is it routine or is there some particular reason, some worry or concern. We ask questions about health, work and hobbies, all designed to be able to offer the best possible advice to allow the person to make the most of the vision. We then check the vision, perform various tests to check how the eyes are working together and to check the peripheral vision, and do a refraction- tests to find out whether you need glasses or not, and if so what "prescription" is needed. We examine the inside and outside of the eye, using special instruments, and depending on age and syptoms, perform other tests like meausuring the pressure inside the eyes or checking colour vision. When we have finished all the appropriate tests we explain the results and advise on the various options available. We also offer advice on eye-health, including supplying written information.