Children’s eyehealth

The latest research suggests that playing outside is very good for children’s eyesight. It can be hard to drag your children from their digital devices, but for the sake of their eyes and vision try and encourage them to down tools and get out into the fresh air. We are lucky in Dundee with the beach and parks on our doorstep, so get out and enjoy the outdoor life.

Children’s eyecare

It’s not too late to have your children’s eyes examined before they start/go back to school. Children often don’t realise that their vision is not as good as that of their classmates, or that one eye is not as good as the other and they need good vision to make the most of their schooldays. We make the eye examination fun and you can  then be reassured that your child is starting the school year with the best vision possible. If your child does need glasses we have a great range of children’s frames. We all want the very best for our children- so let us take care of their precious eyesight