Talking About Eyes

Eyespace_Jensen_02%20%28JN8835T-C2%292Yesterday I gave a talk about eyehealth to a friendship group in Stobswell, Dundee. The talk seemed well-received and I had loads of questions at the end. If you would like me to talk to your Guild, club or society in the Dundee area, ring the practice and we’ll arrange it. I don’t need any technology- I bring laminated cards.

New Year: New You

testIt’s that time of year again – the time when we all make new resolutions- how many have you given up on already? How about a new image though? We have some great ranges of glasses, and if you don’t know what suits you our specially-trained, friendly staff can advise you on what sort of frame and lenses suit your face, colouring and prescription. There is no obligation to buy and we make the experience fun and relaxing. Book an appointment and we can help make a New You for 2016.