Independent Opticians in Scotland offer Free NHS Eye Examinations Too

Pretty as a Picture in One of our Stylish Frames
Pretty as a Picture in One of our Stylish Frames

Did you know that all Opticians in Scotland offer free NHS Eye Examinations?- so you can come to a small, friendly Optician’s practice like ours and get all the personal, individual attention you need. We tailor the examination to your requirements and explain our findings. If you need glasses we have worked really hard to discover great frame ranges to offer you, and we advise you on the lenses that best meet your requirements. If you don’t need glasses,we are still very happy to see you and reassure you about the health of your eyes. If you have any worries about your eyes or eyesight, or just need a routine eye examination, we are the people to come to- Lindsay and Johnson Opticians and Contact Lens Centre, Dundee.

What Do We Do?

I’m Alison, the one in the middle, and I examine eyes and fit contact lenses, take measurements and fit glasses, but I couldn’t manage this with out my brilliant support team of Lorna, Vikki and June (not pictured). They’re the ones who will answer the phone, warmly greet you when you come in, help you choose your new frames (and they’ve developed a third eye- pun intended- that seems to see exactly which is the right frame for you) and generally keep on top of the paperwork, boss me around and keep me right. I’m very lucky to have such a great set of optical assistants.

The Dream Team
The Dream Team: Lorna, Alison and Vikki