More About Contact Lenses- Can You Wear Them?

Contact lens materials and design have improved immeasurably over the last few years and people who had previously given up because of discomfort are now wearing contact lenses that they can hardly feel. I can only tell my own contact lenses are in because I can see so well when I’m wearing them! If you would like to discuss options and have a no-obligation trial please call us on 01382 224620 and we’ll be delighted to see (pun intended) you.

Can you wear contact lenses?

We find we’re seeing an increasing number of patients who have been told elsewhere that they are unsuitable for contact lenses- but with all the new designs available nowadays we’re having a great deal of success in fitting contact lenses to people who have been told they’re not suitable for them. We have the expertise, the time and the patience, so if you’d like to try ring us on 01382 224620 and book an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.